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Guyana's Independence
by J.Peter Chowritmootoo
Posted on 2014-05-26


On that day
The twenty six of May
Nine teen sixty six
The Golden Arrowhead fluttered
Independence came
Colonial rule shattered.
This land betwixt
The Rivers Mighty
The Orinoco and Amazon,
Square miles thousands, Eighty and three,
Forests, mountains, rivers and hilly sands and plains
Now and forever to be free.
Through forested verdant, luscious greenery,
Heartland of greenheart, mora and cabbakali
Samaroopa, crabwood and species be,
The Mighty Roraima towers in the Pakaraimas
The Akarai north and Kanuku south
Span the Hilly sands and clay,
In its bowels El Dorado dwell
And yields spout and daily route
Nature fair despoil
The Ancient King would shout.
It’s not Jim Jones to blame
It’s not the murderous shame
Not of the Jonestown debacle,
That our inheritance, Nature’s bequeath
Should we squander in Gold quest
And uncaring lumber fest.
Our Indigenes, the Amerindians, tribal many,
Their habitat, the Hinterland sprawl,
And Nature’s fecundity, they live akin community.
Their land rights sealed and rights revealed
Notwithstanding, our First Citizens ,
Now fully integrated.

“ Not a Blade of Grass,
Not one cuirass”
Venezuela’s greed will never succeed
Dave Martin’s ballad, the Nation endured.
And Suriname’s claim
What a shame!!
“Now, Now Neighba
The New River Triangle
Is a bad, bad angle to tangle”.
What was the beginning
Oh! Motherland,
Of Peoples Six you birthed
“Tata” Jacob reverently titled
“My Matri Boomi” we inherited.
In our hearts you’re always near,
Though a spread diasporic are we
Endeared always, nativeland
You’ll forever be.
How proud we stand
Our heroes many sought and fought,
Freedom came on that night
It was a long struggle,
Beyond Critchlow and Edun,
Beyond Smith and Quamina.
It started with Cuffy and Acabre,
It’s Guyana’s history , if you may.
Cheddie will in our memories,
A place unforgettable wrought
His constancy, his resolute
None to dispute.
Forbes, must never be forgotten
It was at his call,
We witnessed the Union Jack’s fall.
And Independence came
To Guyana’s all.

Monuments to progress striven
The central Bank in the City’s middle,
Pegasus by the seawall
A building nine stories tall.
The Marriot is on,
The Stadium, cricket Mecca
Of world class design,
A venue proud to assign,
To our people now consign.
Our cricketing heroes past and present
Christiani and Trim,
Legacies now dim,
Rohan, Basil and Joe
The Courantyne trio
That caused the Aussies Test Tie woe.
Lloyd, Sir Clive,
What you to say
Of these developmental spray?
And Shiv and the young ones,
Now a place proper to play.
Bridges span the rivers flow,
From the Skeldon to Parika
Now travelling is a better go.

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