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Message on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the naming of the People's National Congress
by The Forbes Burnham Foundation
Posted on 2017-10-10

The Burnham Foundation Message
on the occasion of the 60th anniversary
of the naming of the People's National Congress

In 1955 the People's Progressive Party was fractured because of ideological and strategic perspective differences, though there are those who revel in attributing the fracturing to Burnham's ambition. Form that very moment, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was at the centre of the birthing of the People's National Congress which was then referred to as the People's Progressive Party - Burnhamite Faction. In 1957, after the failed attempt by locals and foreigners, for example the Late Kwame Nkrumah, then President of Ghana and leading Pan Africanist , to mend the fractured Party, Burnham proceeded to complete the transformation of the Burnhamite faction into a different entity/party, the People's National Congress, hence this year's celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People's National Congress.
It is therefore with tremendous pride and a sense of history that the Burnham Foundation feels compelled to message the now PNCR on this the anniversary of its birth as a whole new political party in 1957.
The Burnham Foundation has as its mandate the preservation of the legacy of the Founder, the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, who also ushered in independence and republican status as Premier and Prime Minister of Independent Guyana and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, respectively. The Foundation also seeks to highlight the relevance of Burnham's ideas to Guyana and the World at large, today.
Of note is that Burnham created this Institution, the People's National Congress which from its birth has played an integral and pivotal role in the development of Guyana as it moved from colonial (British Guiana) status, to independent (Guyana) status, and on to republican ( Cooperative Republic of Guyana) status, which it still enjoys today.
How could anyone not recognize the national institution, the current PNCR, which Burnham brought into existence and the role that that Party has played in bringing Guyana from Conflict to Peace, 1964 to 1966, when Guyana through Burnham's strategic alliance and thinking united the Guyanese people and under Guyana's first majority regime, since 1953, attained Independence.
The PNCR has inherited a rich legacy to which it can turn for inspiration and guidance as it seeks to confront the ongoing challenges of nation building and development. Almost in every sphere of the Nation' s endeavours, today, there are lessons to be learned from Burnham's thoughts and praxis, be they be from his politics of coalition at home or dealings with foreign powers and investors, there are lessons to be learned, even if they are from his mistakes.
The PNCR therefore owes it to it Founder and to common sense and good judgement to refer to his teachings and praxis as they struggle for the achievement of nationhood and development, in which regards his postulations are still relevant.
The occasion of the 60th anniversary should therefore be a time of reflection for the PNCR and, in Burnham style, a time of introspection. It is only through introspection that the Party stands to benefit from understanding its past; identifying its strengths and weakness, it's successes and failures whilst reaffirming and sticking to its ideals, as articulated by the Founder.
The Burnham Foundation therefore takes this opportunity to congratulate the Party on its successes throughout the years and its sustained relevance to the growth and development of Guyana. We urge the Party, in the years to come, to continue referring the ideas of the Founder as a source guidance and inspiration.
Be assured that in traversing that path that there will be convergence with the Burnham Foundation, albeit a registered non-governmental organisation. We stand for, and work for,
the Ideals of the Founder. We urge the PNCR to stay that course and look forward to continued collaboration in the name of, and for the ideals of , The Founder, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, S.C, O.E.

Forbes Burnham Foundation

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