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Burnham’s Legacy in the International Year for Peoples of African Descent
by Burnham Foundation
Posted on 2011-08-02

The Burnham Foundation in its usual tradition will be hosting a Public Symposium on August 5 at 5.00pm in the Auditorium of Saint Stanislaus to mark the 26th Death Anniversary of the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, First Executive President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and Founder Leader of the People’s National Congress.

The Symposium will be held under the theme: Burnham’s Legacy in the International Year for Peoples of African Descent. The panelists at the Symposium will be Mr. David Granger, Mr. Carl Greenidge, Mr. Basil Williams, Ms Faith Harding and Mr. James Bond. Their focus will be a Portrait of Burnham; Burnham’s Economic Policies; Burnham and Trade Unionism; Burnham on Education and Gender; and Burnham on Youth and Sports, respectively. The public will also be provided with an opportunity to pose questions and to make comments.

The Foundation which was registered as a non-governmental organization in 2008 also launched a Television Programme: The State of The Nation, on July 31 on Channel 9, HBTV to usher in the week of observances to mark Burnham’s Death Anniversary. This programme will be a monthly feature to be aired on the last Sunday of each month and will address current issues and the relevance of Burnham’s ideas.
2nd Annual Youth Week Symposium
by Georgetown Chapter
Posted on 2010-05-19

Forbes Burnham Foundation
Georgetown Chapter
Website: http://lfsburnhamfoundation.org

2nd Annual Youth Week Symposium

The Georgetown Chapter of The Forbes Burnham Foundation will be staging its 2nd Annual Youth Week Symposium. The event will be held at the National Library Conference Room on the 24th May, 2010, from 16:00hrs, under the theme, “Unemployment and its effects on the youth population of Guyana”. The main speaker will be fmr. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Simpson DaSilva.

The Forbes Burnham Foundation is a NGO established with the aim of promoting the life, works and achievements of the late President of Guyana and Father of the Republic, to dispel the negative information being peddled, and to contextualize his actions and policies.
The Forbes Burnham Foundation Awards and Mentorship Scheme
by FBF
Posted on 2013-09-25

The Forbes Burnham Foundation held its inaugural Awards and Mentorship Scheme on Sunday, 8th September, 2013 at the Critchlow Labour College, Woolford Avenue. The event which commenced at approximately 15:30hrs with a reciting of the National Anthem witnessed the induction of 19 students into the scheme. The inductees were children of the parents attached to the Georgetown District of the People's National Congress Reform (PNCR) and the University of Guyana Workers' Unions.
Mrs. Dionne Frank, a professional Social Worker and Head of Department of Sociology at the University of Guyana and also Chairperson of the Scheme, gave an overview of the Scheme. In her overview, she made clear that the scheme will be working with the students from grade 7 to grade 10. It will work towards imparting skills in the area of craft, academia, and personal development. Apart from skills training, the inductees will benefit from educational tours, annual camps, career guidance and medical checkups, including dental checkups, on an annual basis. She also made clear that apart from working with the students, the Scheme would also work with the parents to impart the necessary parenting skill to enable parents to make the best decisions for their children.

The featured address was delivered by Vincent Alexander, Chairman of the Foundation. After highlighting the importance the late President Forbes Burnham, in whose honour the foundation was established, attached to the education of the nation's youths, he explained that education does not mean simply repeating what was told by teachers and instructors, but “it's about being able to think; being able to use the knowledge for the job or situation they find themselves in. It's about learning to think and to solve complex problems in life.” He also made reference to existing crises in the education sector and in the family, two institutions that are crucial to the socialisation and moulding of the youths of the nation. In the case of the family, apart from the fact that many families are headed by female single parents, there are also a growing number of sibling-headed households in which the persons tasked with the responsibility of bringing up the children lack both the material necessities and the parenting skills necessary. It is against this backdrop that the Scheme seeks to supplement the efforts of the education system and the families in adequately preparing the students for adult life and responsibilities. He concluded his address by challenging the students to take the scheme seriously.

As part of the induction ceremony, the students received their first awards in the form of a gift bag containing essential educational appurtenances such as dictionaries, geometry sets, etc. They will also soon benefit from the wise and experienced counsel of positive role models in society who would lend their helping hands in contributing to mould them into responsible young adults.

The scheme was originally the brain child of the Georgetown District of the PNCR whose members managed the scheme for a number of years positively impacting the lives of numerous youths. For a number of years, however, the scheme was dormant. It was then decided by the Board of the Forbes Burnham foundation to resuscitate the scheme maintaining largely intact its original intent, format, and some of its personnel.
On The Occassion of the Passing of Nelson Mandela
Posted on 2013-12-09

The Forbes Burnham Foundation in keeping with its mandate to keep the legacy of the Late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham alive and in keeping with its own convictions takes this opportunity to express its condolences on the sad occasion of the passing of Madiba – The Esteem Nelson Mandela. Those expressions are contained in an attached message which has been sent to the Mandela Family, the African National Congress and the Presidency of South Africa.

To commemorate the Great man’s life and works, the Foundation will also be hosting a Commemorative Symposium on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 4:30pm in the Auditorium of the Critchlow Labour College.

Speakers will be Former Ambassador, Mr. Ronald Austin who served in Southern Africa during the period of the Liberation Struggle; Mr. Vincent Alexander, who served as Chairman of the Young Socialist Movement during the period of its active support for the struggle in Southern Africa, and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Rashleigh Jackson who played a key role at the level of the United Nations, and the Non- Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth in furtherance of the struggle for liberation in Southern Africa and South Africa, in particular.

The symposium is open to the public.